Jalaludin: elite construction – elite

Житлобудинвест: от элитного строительства – к элитарному

This year, the company-developer of “Jalaludin” celebrated its 15th anniversary. In recent years, the company supplemented its portfolio with projects that have received numerous awards and became the best in its segment.

In particular, in 2013 the club house “Zverinetsky” was awarded by all-Ukrainian award “Ukrainian Building Olympus” as “Residential complex of the year”. Bold and innovative project, “Van hill” in 2015 became the winner in the nomination “Elite of the new building of the year” all-Ukrainian professional award “Ukrainian building Olympus and also won the title of “Best residential complex of premium class in Kiev.”

The secrets of creating the best projects of the market shares Director of the company “Jalaludin” Igor Klepach.

– “Residential complex of the year”, “Best premium class”… what was the reason for such a high evaluation of Your projects and is there a formula to their success?

– I believe that the only right decision in any competitive environment is to create a product that will not just meet, but to exceed customer expectations. We aim to surprise and inspire people, the first in Ukraine to create projects that will stand out and set the tone for the market. To each of our project we approach, in the first place, as to the creative process and they all share a common philosophy – innovation, quality and elitism.

Житлобудинвест: от элитного строительства – к элитарному



-That is, Your objects for connoisseurs, men of taste?

– Yes, our customer is the person who seeks to be always on top. Which values in the first place, a manifestation of quality, even in the smallest nuances. We work not for quantity but for quality. So, in our new project on Pechersk “Van hill” only 146 of premium open space apartments.

-Speaking of “Van hill”. Tell us about the main concept of the complex?

Start of this project was preceded by laborious work on studying of foreign experience – we analyzed a new global technology and architectural decisions. Starting with the choice of location of the residential complex, to the selection of building materials – all focused on elitism, uniqueness and prestige.

So, the neighborhood Zoo, which houses “Van hill” – the historic district of Kiev with an awesome atmosphere. It is a quiet and cosy city centre, with its private mansions and embassies, close to the National Botanic gardens. N. Grishko. However, downtown is 5 minutes away.

Житлобудинвест: от элитного строительства – к элитарному



– What about innovation? What exactly do you expect to conquer the market?

Because the house is just near Botanical garden, we for maximum conservation, the first in Ukraine to have implemented an innovative system of Glass Wall, where one of the walls of the apartment are the panoramic Windows from floor to ceiling height of 3 meters. In this apartment there is a feeling that outside the window is Your own personal Botanical garden.

In addition, “Van hill” we first implemented an unprecedented concept-level hotels 5*: with a ceiling height of 8 meters, original installations and waterfalls, waiting areas for staff, a place for negotiations and Elevator connecting the lobby with a three-level underground Parking. The ventilated facade is made of German designer porcelain tiles PorcelainGres, which will simulate a natural cut of the rock and change its color depending on the time of day.

Our house is provided round the clock Concierge service high-level room for children with babysitter and video surveillance, Bicycle and stroller Parking.

Autonomous boiler-house on high-performance German boilers Viesmann own transformation substation, the system of “smart house” – all designed to provide the most comfortable accommodation of our residents.

In conjunction with the use of the construction is only premium materials, we get a truly unique and high-quality project.

Житлобудинвест: от элитного строительства – к элитарному



– Apparently, to afford such a luxury may not all.

– Of course, housing premium involves a certain level of prices. But given the totality of all factors (location, quality of materials, construction technology), I can safely say that the ratio price/quality in our home is more than acceptable and the cost per square meter is competitive to Kiev. Today more than half of the apartments found its residents. I think that is a good indicator, given that the building will be commissioned this summer.