Jan Lastuvka in the Dnipro left

Ян Лаштувка покинул Днепр

Lastuvka became a free agent

Czech goalkeeper Jan Lastuvka Dnepr has announced his departure from the club.

— Yang, the Dnieper river is on vacation. You also already have a rest?

— Yes, I’m at home in the Czech Republic. Before departing from Dnepropetrovsk to all the well said goodbye. What mood left the river? It’s a shame. For the team I played for seven years, starting in 2009. The Dnieper for me as my family. The important thing is that no one now knows what will happen with the club in the future. Full of suspense and ambiguity. The players the club has debts but what will happen to them, to tell us, no one can.

— You are now free to dispose of their football further future?

— Yes, I have ended the contract with Dnipro. Proposals from the club management about the new agreement was not. I’m sure you know perfectly well that not I alone was in the river in such a situation. Probably somewhere near 10 or even 12 players on the team a similar situation. About new contracts with them, nobody spoke. Everything is unclear.

— You still hope to return to Dnepropetrovsk?

— To be honest, I don’t believe in it. If offered a new agreement, then it must be okay to think and make informed decision solely. Difficult to play without specific targets, without anything else. Over the past six months we all in the river is well understood. It was very hard, no one and nothing told us what will happen, what future is waiting for us. Just to play football makes no sense. This is not football, and the continuous suffering.

— At the end of the previous week was to be held the meeting of the management club with the owner of the Dnieper Igor Kolomoisky. Might have been on it solved some pressing questions of activity of the club? You do not hear about it?

— Anything specific to me regarding this meeting, no one spoke. Previously, once wrote about what we can offer repayment of all debts, but at the rate of 30 percent. In response, we, the players, more on what are not going to qualify. Don’t know if it’s true. If this is true, then, in my opinion, this is not the best option. We played 30 percent of their capacity, in order to 30 percent and the remainder do not qualify. I do not know. In General, while we have to wait and hope for the best, ” said Lastuvka.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the players of the Dnieper offered installments for five years to pay the debt.

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