Japan has again postponed the launch of the truck to the ISS

Япония снова отложила запуск грузовика к МКС

Japan has postponed the launch of the truck Kounotori-7, which was supposed to deliver to the ISS cargo and experimental equipment.

The Japanese aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA) had a delayed shipment to the International space station cargo ship Konotori-7, reported on Friday, September 14, Twitter of the Agency.

The launch was scheduled for early morning of September 15, before it was moved from September 11. Both times the start was postponed due to technical problems.

The truck must deliver to the ISS the rocket Н2В. Konotori-7 carries on the station the capsule, in which the Earth will go the results of the experiments conducted on the station. The truck must collect the space junk and with it to burn up in the atmosphere.

Earlier, NASA astronauts staged in space, the game of tennis, and German astronaut showed a spectacular video of a sunrise, captured from the ISS.

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