Japan presented the new logo of Olympic games-2020 after accusations of plagiarism

Япония показала новый логотип Олимпиады-2020 после обвинений в плагиате

The Japanese organizers of the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2020, which will be held in Tokyo, has selected the new logo after 7 months ago, they were forced to abandon the original logo because of allegations of plagiarism. On it informs Agency Reuters.

The new logo was selected from more than 14 thousand sketches. This is a traditional pattern made of blue cells called Іichimatsu moyo – drevneabhazskih plaid design of the Edo period (1603-1868 years).

It means the diversity of cultures and nationalities and symbolizes “unity in diversity”.

We will remind, on July 24, 2015 took place the official ceremony of the presentation of the emblem of the Olympic games-2020, but the author was accused of plagiarism.

1 September 2015, the organizing Committee of the Olympic games-2020 in Tokyo decided to suspend the use of the controversial logo.

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HHH summer Olympic games will be held in Tokyo on 24 July – 9 August 2020.

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