Japan was allowed to change the DNA of human embryos

В Японии разрешили изменять ДНК эмбрионов человека

Now scientists have the opportunity to experiment in this area by modifying the genome.

In Japan government’s Council on bioethics. the decision was made, according to which scientists have given the right to make changes in the genome of a human embryo, reports The Japan Times.

Now, professionals will be able not only to examine the role of individual genes in early development, but also improve the reproductive system and to develop new therapies.

However, permission for such experiments will be given only if there is evidence for their necessity and the inability to realize the objectives in other ways.

DNA retained the picture of the cat

In all other cases, to modify the genome of the embryo is still prohibited, as the effects of these experiments, both for the child and for his future offspring, can be unpredictable.

Thus, the Council decided, for ethical reasons, a problematic interference in DNA with non-medical purposes.

Earlier it was reported that in Nigeria intend to create a DNA Bank for the settlers.