Japanese astronaut apologized for the fake of its unprecedented growth

Японский космонавт извинился за фейк о своем небывалом росте

The Japanese cosmonaut, Kanae Noriega

Noriega, Kanae said that was wrong in the measurements and increased by two centimeters compared with the Earth.

Japanese astronaut Noriega, Kanae, who is on the International space station, on the morning of 10 January he wrote on Twitter that he regretted “fake” with the increasing growth in the space of nine centimeters.

“Just a mistake in the measurements, and became a topic of discussion – forgive me for fake news. Back and waist pains not disappeared but pain in the shoulders (the Japanese traditionally complain of shoulder pain from prolonged sitting and nervous tension), so I also think that it is not grown three inches… I have stopped worrying about that will not fit in the Soyuz on the way back to the Ground”, − stated in the message Kanae.

A few hours earlier, a Japanese astronaut wrote that his tweet about the increase in growth was the result of an error in the measurements. He said that grew two centimeters compared with the Earth.

Previously, Kanae emotionally briefed that three weeks stay at the International space station grew by nine inches.