Japanese astronaut grew nine inches in three weeks on the ISS

Японский астронавт вырос на девять сантиметров за три недели на МКС

Norishige Kanae

Norishige Kanae worried if it fits in the seat of the vehicle on the way home.

Japanese astronaut Norishige Kanae has grown on 9 cm during three weeks stay at the International space station, according to RBC.

According to the Japanese, this was not with him since middle school.

“Got me a little worried if I fit in the seat of the ship Union,” Kanae wrote in his Twitter.

The Japanese aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA) notes that usually the man’s height is increased by 1-2 cm due to the lack of gravity in space, the newspaper the Sankei Shimbun.

“We have no data on the incidence of gain increase of 9 cm,” – said the representative of JAXA.

As reported Корреспондент.netcrew 54-th expedition to the ISS was sent to the station on 17 December 2017. On Board the spacecraft Soyuz MS-07 in addition to Kanae were Russian cosmonaut Anton shkaplerov and NASA astronaut Scott tingle. The ship docked with the ISS on 19 December.