Japanese probe took the asteroid Ryugu close

Японский зонд снял астероид Рюгу вблизи

The spacecraft Hayabusa-2 first took off the asteroid Ryugu so close together, and gave them to the Earth.

Probe Hayabusa-2 was launched in Japan, was able to approach to a distance of 851 feet from the space object. During this time the unit was measured by weak gravitational traction and took pictures of the surface. It is reported by Gizmodo.

Camera used wide angle optical navigation camera and got a clear photo of the surface of the asteroid.

Previously, the asteroid Ryugu was photographed only from a distance of about 40 kilometers.
Japanese astronomers are going to put Hayabusa-2 to the surface of the asteroid and collect samples. Return the probe to Earth is planned for the end of 2020.

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