Japanese Professor showed realistic Android

Японский профессор показал реалистичного андроида

The facial expressions of Android lies not only emotional, but also “involuntary” movement

The robot looks like a ten year old boy and most likely copies the facial expressions of the person. He also imitates the gait.

Renowned developer of realistic androids Hiroshi Ishiguro has created a new robot, which looks like a ten year old boy and most likely copies the facial expressions of the person, according to N+1.

On the creation of realistic-looking androids and winodow is not as many engineers and organisations.

This is partly due to the fact that realistically reproduce human facial expressions on face robot is quite difficult technically, so these robots are complex and expensive devices that are yet to find commercial application, the portal says.

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One of the most famous of enthusiasts in this field – Professor, Osaka University Hiroshi Ishiguro, who participated in the creation of several humanoid robots and even made the Android copy.

Now, the Japanese engineer has published materials relating to its new project – Android named Ibuki. It is equipped with a pair of hands and a wheeled platform for asymmetric wheels, so the robot is in motion sways a bit, simulating how the human body moves when walking.

The facial expressions of Ibuka founded not only emotional, but also “involuntary” movement, which adds to the realism of the robot flickers a bit and moves her head and eyes. Himself, Ishiguro believes that such development is important, because it opens the possibility for a natural non-verbal communication between robots and humans.

Previously, the engineers of mit, showed a prototype of a robotic Albatross that can swim and fly.


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