Jaros responded to the fake fighters of his daughter-the saboteur

Ярош отреагировал на фейк боевиков о его дочери-диверсанте

The extra fractional people’s Deputy Dmitry Yarosh responded to the message of militants, allegedly by his daughter Irina is a saboteur. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

“Russian-terrorist orcs again “made a mistake”… My daughter Ira recorded in the “ukropovsky” saboteurs. And so be afraid of the Ukrainians, creature!”, – wrote Yarosh.

The Deputy turned to his daughter: “Daughter, remember: each destroyed in war, the enemy of Ukraine brings us closer to its victorious conclusion. Victory will be ours”.

Related news: In Crimea, “Ukrainian saboteurs” were punished for disorderly conduct, one before the detention of, the second after.

Ярош отреагировал на фейк боевиков о его дочери-диверсанте

We will note, “the Deputy commander of the operational command of DNR” Eduard Basurin said, supposedly in August 2016 at the Donbass arrived the women’s sabotage unit.

The militants had published a photo supposedly of Ukrainian diversantok. It shows three women: two names signed under the photo thirds stated “Identity is established”. Note, the latter has similarities with the daughter of Dmitry Yarosh, Irene.