Jewelry out of human teeth

Human teeth were used as jewelry – the scientists

The find is dated about 6300-6700 years BC. Teeth are rarely used for decorative purposes.

Archaeologists have learned that ancient people wore jewelry made of teeth. This told the researchers in the journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.

An international group of archaeologists found in the ruins of the Neolithic settlement of Catal-hüyük in Western Turkey three human teeth. They all had a through hole to be able to strung on a string.

The find dates back to 6300-6700 BC Two teeth found in the ruins of the house, and the third in the grave.

Two of them saw considerable signs of wear due to long use as decoration. Archaeologists believe that the teeth were removed after death.

The scientists also noted that the teeth were used by ancient people in decorative purposes is quite rare.

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