Jews around the world celebrate the holiday of Hanukkah

Иудеи всего мира отмечают праздник Хануки

The attributes of Hanukkah: Chanukia, doughnuts, chocolate money and a dreidel

Jews around the world today, 24 Dec, you begin to celebrate the holiday of Hanukkah. The festival starts every year the 25th of the Hebrew month of Kislev and lasts 8 days. At this time these days in the evening December 24, 2016 January 1, 2017 Note the Jewish calendar a new day begins at sunset, not at midnight.

The Jews celebrate Hanukkah with the II century BC According to Jewish tradition, after the desecration of the Greek Gentiles in the temple in Jerusalem, a rebellion broke out, culminating in the victory of Jewish troops.

After the expulsion of the Greek invaders of Israel and capture of Jerusalem by the armies of Judah hasmonea nicknamed of makabi (Hammer), the Jews restored the desecrated and partially destroyed temple of the city. In the day of his consecration should ignite the main temple lamp, the menorah, the fire which is necessary to support constantly. But uncontaminated oil for the lamp was very little. For the manufacture and consecration of the new required eight days.

Иудеи всего мира отмечают праздник Хануки

The lighting of the hanukkiyah in Kyiv near the Arch of Friendship of peoples. 2012

But miraculously the fire in the Golden menorah burned for eight days, during which prepared the new reserves of oil. In memory of this event in celebration every evening candles are lit, one in the first day, two the second, three in third and so on, to eight, using, as a rule, special candlestick — the menorah. While it is customary to install a menorah on the street at the entrance to the house or on the windowsill that its light was visible to all.

Иудеи всего мира отмечают праздник Хануки

Hanukkah candles should be arranged from right to left. To light from left to right. You first need to light the Central candle (the servant), and then the rest

The time to light Chanukah candles – the beginning of the night. Before lighting them, it is forbidden to take up any other business. Many do not wait for the beginning of the night, and light the Chanukah lights after sunset, almost dusk. Each of these lights should burn for at least half an hour after the stars.

These days out of respect for the little jug of oil found by the Maccabees, it is customary to eat foods fried in oil. Main Hanukkah treats are fried in oil doughnuts with jam inside and potato pancakes latkes.

Иудеи всего мира отмечают праздник Хануки

Chanukah latkes and donuts

The most famous of the Hanukkah games is the game in the top, dreidel. It is made in the form of a cube, on the four sides of which I write the letters “nun”, “Gimel”, “Hey” and “Shin”: the first letters of the words “nes Gadol ha sham” (“a great miracle happened there” – i.e. in the country of Israel). In Israel, instead of the letter “Shin” write a letter “Pey”. Thus, the letters form the abbreviation of the words “nes Gadol ha” (“a great miracle happened here”).

Иудеи всего мира отмечают праздник Хануки

Chanukah dreidel

To and children feel the special atmosphere of Chanukah, it is customary to give them during the holiday “dmey Hanukkah”, or in Yiddish “Hanukkah-gelt” – money that they can use at their discretion.