Jigasw: Belenko’s eyes are not shining, as it was before the Olympics

Дзигасов: У Беленюка не горят глаза, как это было перед Олимпиадой

Jean Belenus and Arthur Ziganov

Arthur Ziganov summed up the results of the past championship of Ukraine on Greco-Roman wrestling.

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine on Greco-Roman wrestling Arthur p. Ziganov commented on the results of the championship of Ukraine.

“We decided the entire Federation that the world Cup needs to go the Champions of Ukraine. Want to everyone who won the right to go to the world Cup, showed himself there with dignity, because they deserve to win a world championship medal.

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Alexander Chernetsky decided to skip the championship and decided to take care of your health. The rest are all the strongest fighters, without exception, took part in the championship to compete for a trip to the world Cup. I believe that it was the right decision, because now we have formed a team, and we will have plenty of time to prepare for the world Cup.

In fact, all whom we raised, became the Champions of Ukraine, with the exception of Jean Belenko. But Alexander Shishman is already quite Mature fighter, the second time this year, won the Jean. Jean, today is inferior in the fight by the new rules. It is felt that he is still not 100% ready, his eyes do not burn, there is a small insecure on the inside, which was not before the Olympics. He understands that if in the championship of Ukraine it is inferior to my teammates, he had nothing to do at the world Cup. He will prepare, and to wait his time.

I am glad that Dmitry Tsymbalyuk recovered, have solved their domestic issues, confidently fought, winning in the finals at Jim Abovyan.

Дзигасов: У Беленюка не горят глаза, как это было перед Олимпиадой

Another one of our talented young wrestler Parviz Nasibov fought in the category up to 71 kg and won the championship. He has a personal trainer, but I hope that he will not return to 66 kg, because in this category at the European Championships due to weight loss functional looked not the best way, it was not fresh. He’s only 19 years old, my opinion is that before Tokyo got the time, maybe he 75 kg pass.

Дзигасов: У Беленюка не горят глаза, как это было перед Олимпиадой

Separately want to note the fact that made Jack Peskov 75 kg. He won and the last 2 seconds of the bout with an experienced Nikolai Daragan and this should improve his confidence, he needed this win, but for such an experienced and Mature fighter like nick to miss a win in 2 seconds – it is a big minus.

Want to see the failure at the European Championships we are all joined. Already on June 21 we go to Zaroslyak the Midlands on a three-week session. There we will run to the mountains to work on the physical fitness and basic training. Then we planned fees on Khortitsa and final collecting in Concha-to Zaspa.

I would also like to say that we have no physician, no medicines, but we do not groan, work and decide everything themselves. Will go with the Luggage that is.

One of the main reasons for the poor performance at the European Championships that we have not had a full training cycle. Now we have rozplanowany program, we will prepare and hope for a successful performance at the world championship,” – said Artur Petrovich.

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