Jim and prima will participate in Christmas race

Джима и Прима будут участвовать в Рождественской гонке

Julia Jim

Legendary OLE Einar Bjoerndalen will return to biathlon in the Christmas race.

In the German Gelsenkirchen on December 29 will be a traditional Christmas race.

A pleasant surprise will be the participation of retired Norwegian OLE Einar Bjoerndalen and his wife of the Belarusian Darya Domracheva. Also in competition will experience Russian Anton Shipulin, who has never played in this season.

Ukraine in the race will present Julia Jim and Artem prima, for whom the Christmas race will be the first in his career, according to UA:Biathlon.

Just start in Gelsenkirchen will be released on 10 pairs:

1. Denise Hermann and Simon Schempp (Germany);
2. Vanessa Hinz and Erik lesser (Germany);
3. Lisa Theresa Hauser and Dominic Landertinger (Austria);
4. Dorothea Wierer and Lukas Hofer (Italy);
5. Ekaterina Yurlova-Pert and Anton Shipulin (Russia);
6. Julia Jim and Artem prima (Ukraine);
7. Anais Bescond and Emilien Jackelen (France);
8. Veronika Vitkova and Michal of Krcmar (Czech Republic);
9. Fuyuki, Tanizaki and Mikita, Tanizaki (Japan);
10. Darya Domracheva (Belarus) and OLE Einar Bjoerndalen (Norway).

Note that in the past year Jim performed in time for the holidays paired with Belgian Michael Rechem, which took the 5th place.

We will remind that earlier part Jim in the Christmas race was in doubt.

According to the materials: