Jim can take part in the mass start in Antholz

Джима может принять участие в масс-старте в Антхольце

Julia Jim

Coach of Ukraine Hryhoriy Shamray told about the state of health of the Ukrainian women’s biathlon team.

The coach of the female national team of Ukraine on biathlon Grigory Shamrai told about the state of health of Yulia Jim and Anastasia Merkushina.

“Merkushina is unlikely to even participate in the mass start in Antholz. It is necessary that it was, first, completely healthy. Or there is another option: many of us will probably abandon the race, and then Nastya will be able to pass the quota of participants.

Jim Julia has already gone on the amendment. Now try it in training, if all goes well, then in the mass start, she will participate.

We knew that if want to speak at this stage, we should have been located somewhere below a thousand meters to get up here and normally to compete with others. But we aimed to recruit so-called “Alpine days” before participating in the Olympic games.

We are here a week already at an altitude of 1600 meters, then fly to Almaty, where about a thousand meters above sea level. That is, at this stage, we responsibly took this step,” – said in an interview with XSPORT.

Recall that the Ukrainian biathletes were unsuccessful in the sprint because of problems with the mountain acclimatization.

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