Jim Turned from the fire, but had not enough speed

Джима: Получилось со стрельбой, но немного не хватило хода

Julia Jim

Yulia Jim commented on the results of the individual race in Ruhpolding.

One of the leaders of the national team of Ukraine on biathlon Yulia Jim commented on individual race in Ruhpolding, where she became fourth.

“I believe that if you are not able to reach the podium, so, not modified by the athlete. So, at this point, Rosanna Crawford was able to fight, to show the best move. It happens – it’s biathlon.

Of course, it’s easier when you’re going, knowing the time of rivals, and you say rip when it is necessary to compete and win back some couple of seconds. And when you go ahead, just try to work at the maximum.

Today I did with shooting, but had not enough speed. When they’re all together, the result will be. But the team today, we worked great,” – quoted by Jim biathlon.com.ua.

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