Jim will open for Ukraine a world Cup in Pyeongchang

Джима откроет для Украины этап Кубка мира в Пхенчхане

Julia Jim

Korean Pyeongchang will host the seventh stage of the biathlon world Cup.

Don’t have time to lie down passion after the world Championships, as we have to support our biathletes at the seventh stage of the world Cup, which kicks off March 2 in Korean Pyeongchang.

In the program phase of the sprint, pursuit and relay. First to start out the women who will carry the sprint race.

Ukraine in the sprint will present six of the girls, including Olga Abramova, which for the first time will perform at the world Cup this season.

Our girls go on the course under these numbers:

4. Julia Jim
19. Olena Pidhrushna
21. Anastasiya Merkushyna
40. Gasparin ELISA
53. Valya Semerenko
95. Olga Abramova

Add that the race will take place on 2 March. Beginning at 13:15.

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