Jim will run the sprint race at the IBU Cup in front of the stage in östersund

Julia Jim

Valery Foresters spoke about the agreement with Yulia Gimay.

Yulia Jim decided to take part in the first sprint of IBU Cup in Sushena, and then to join the team in östersund, which will host the first stage of the world Cup. This was told senior coach of the female national team of Ukraine Valeriy Foresters.

“With the squad for the world Cup with the coaches we decided that evening, after the mass starts in Sushine. In östersund will play sisters Semerenko, Darya Blashko, Nadezhda Belkina, Anastasiya Merkushyna, Yuliya and Jim.

According to Jim there is a preliminary agreement that it will remain in Sushine, will run the sprint race at the IBU Cup, and then join the team in östersund. This initiative came from the athletes, she wants to run before the world Cup. The other girls who were not included in the squad for östersund will participate in the IBU cups,” said Foresters.

Note that the IBU Cup season will start on 28 November, and the race of the first stage of the world Cup will be held on November 30. Schedule Cup and world championship season-2019/20 biathlon is available on our website.

Earlier it was reported the composition of the national team of Ukraine on biathlon world Cup season-2019/20.

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