JK Rowling said that the plot of “Fantastic beasts” will end the year 1945

Джоан Роулинг рассказала, что сюжет "Фантастических зверей" завершится 1945 годом

A scene from the movie “Fantastic beasts and where they live”

British author JK Rowling spoke about the plot of the new franchise “Fantastic beasts and where they live”. About Rowling wrote in his Twitter.

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According to the author, the action film will unfold from 1926 to 1945.

Thus, the paintings will reflect the Second world war.

As the newspaper notes Vultur, Rowling thus confirmed one of the theories, according to which the dark wizard Gellert green de Wald – this is a sort of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in world of mages. Note that in the second film the dark wizard green de Wald will play American actor johnny Depp.

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Earlier, Rowling said that the book “Fantastic beasts and their habitats” will remove five films. The second part of the new film about the universe of Harry Potter will happen in Paris.