Journalists of the Rain is expelled from the NPT in Russia

Журналистов Дождя выдворили из ДНР в Россию

The flag of the breakaway DND

The DNR said that Russian journalists working on the territory of the “Republic” without proper accreditation.

In the “security Ministry” of the breakaway Donetsk national Republic (DND) reported that the filming crew of Russian TV channel Rain expelled from DND, according to RIA Novosti.

“For violation of DNR law regulating journalistic activity on the territory of the Republic, journalists of the TV channel Rain Russian citizens Polonsky Vasily Andreevich and Argentov Sergey Borisovich – expelled to the territory of the Russian Federation”, – told in “the office”.

According to the separatists, journalists working on the territory of the “Republic” without proper accreditation “information Ministry” of the DNI. For explanations on the fact of “illegal journalistic activities” invited them into the building of the MGB, which they had to show footage.

“When viewing videos the staff of the Ministry found that they are biased and provocative. In a false light reflect socio-economic and political situation in the Republic”, – said in DND.

Opposition journalist “evacuated” from Russia

Earlier it was reported that in Donetsk lost the crew of TV channel Rain.