Journalists showed luxury fleet SBU

Журналисты показали роскошный автопарк СБУ

The media showed the fleet SBU

Value cars certain employees does not match their income.

The journalists of the Scheme was published investigation in which he spoke about the fleet of the SBU.

As established in the investigation, the cost of the cars of employees of the Main Department of counterintelligence protection of state interests in the sphere of economic security of SBU does not correspond to their income levels.

Журналисты показали роскошный автопарк СБУ

Cars near SBU

“Among the cars that can be constantly seen near – Volkswagen Toughed cost of about $50 thousand,” – noted in the investigation.

According to sources, the programme Scheme, the driver of the money Volkswagen Toughed Dmitry Bezzubenko, one of the Deputy head of the Department.

“SBU coded Declaration about income and property of all its members, including the leadership,” the journalist said.

Some days the camera recorded, as every morning, the Parking drives a Lexus and its driver comes into the office.

With the reporters, he asked to speak to the press center with questions.

Another man who drives a BMW worth about $60 thousand crew program saw close control several times – early morning, noon and evening.

“One of these days he’s in a good mood in the company of another was carrying into the building a few packages of food”, – stated in the message.

16 may man on Acura an estimated cost of $25 thousand parks and enters the building. The next day arrives and he drives colleagues. They wait a bit, greet with others and come to the management building.

According to sources, the programme Scheme, this car was on was in the occupied Crimea Tatiana krys’ko.

The car she purchased in 2015 and put into use 32-year-old Vitali krys’ko.

“In the Russian media there is mention of the Roman krys’ko, which is registered at the same address as the V. G. krys’ko. And is in the SBU”, – stated in the message.

We will remind, earlier journalists showed service apartments Avakov.

The police brought the case over beating of journalist near Kyiv