Journalists Stranaya addressed to the G7 countries and the EU

Журналисты Страна.ua обратились к странам G7 и ЕС

Igor Guzhva after his release from prison

The appeal States that the team edition of fighting for the right to freedom of speech in Ukraine.

Journalists the Internet-editions Stranaya addressed to the ambassadors of the countries “the Big seven” and the EU delegation to Ukraine about the pressure of the authorities on them.

As reported on the newspaper’s website, the statement released today on a press-conferences chief editor Stranaya Igor Guzhva and his Deputy, Svetlana Kryukova.

“Pressure on judges of the court of appeal that they have tightened the restraint to Igor Guzhva. Instituted new criminal cases. We want to close, to destroy, to create a precedent for the entire market of journalism. To force journalists to fear,” the statement says.

In this regard, the magazine’s staff ask the ambassadors about the defense.

“We urge you… to pay attention to the pressure on our publication. We are completely open to dialogue. We are ready to tell about all the details of the case. We invite you to the editors of the Country, to show how we work and answer all your questions,” – said in a statement.

Journalists argue that they are now fighting “not only for the existence of our online newspaper, but for the right to freedom of speech in Ukraine”.

“If the authorities manage to destroy us, the pressure will increase dramatically and to all other Ukrainian media,” Strenia.

Журналисты Страна.ua обратились к странам G7 и ЕС

Photo: Stranaya

Журналисты Страна.ua обратились к странам G7 и ЕС

Photo: Stranaya

As reported Корреспондент.netJune 22, Glavred Stranaya Igor Guzhva was detained on suspicion of extortion. On 24 June the court chose the measure of restraint in form of arrest for a period of two months with the alternative collateral in the amount of 544 thousand UAH. On June 26 the chief editor Stranaya made bail.

Igor Guzhva was released from prison on 27 June. He stated that he would continue the fight to prove the absurdity of the charges against him.

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