Journalists told who sells weapons to Ukraine

Журналисты рассказали, кому продает оружие Украина

Abroad there is a demand for Ukrainian anti-missile systems – the government and the Corsair

The European market in the structure of export of Ukrainian weapons – only a few percent. Main clients are the countries of Africa and Asia.

The structure of Ukrainian exports of military equipment in recent years has changed the emphasis shifts to services for the modernization of armament of the USSR. About it reports Radio Freedom Monday, March 11.

According to the state service of export control on the transfer of finished products, in 2014 and 2015 Nigeria bought from Ukraine 23 T-72 tanks and 12 howitzers D-30.

In 2016 in the Congo has sent 25 tanks Т64БВ-1, United Arab Emirates – 108 armoured vehicles BRDM-2, Indonesia – 5 BTR-4, 34 BTR-3 in Thailand.

Already in the official data 2017 the number of the sold armored vehicles decreased only 16 Oplot tanks for Thailand.

Statistics for 2018 yet.

Director, information and consulting company Defense Expess Sergey Zgurets said that the export completed military equipment is possible only after the needs of the Armed forces of Ukraine satisfied.

“Only the excess samples can be exported. That is why we have today the structure of exports has changed,” he explains.

In the beginning of the war Ukraine has sold even aircraft. For example, in 2014, Croatia paid 5 MiG-21, one MiG-29 in Chad, six Mi-8 got Belarus and in 2015 another 5 Mi-24 helicopters sent to South Sudan.

Since aircraft are not sold, according to official data.

According to Zgurets, Ukrainian exports has three components: supply of new or old equipment, joint development of custom-made, maintenance of ex-Soviet equipment.

Now abroad there is a demand for Ukrainian anti-missile systems – the government and the Corsair. Buy them Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Perspective for Ukraine is also called India and other Asian countries.

According to an armed Defence of the, 2020, Myanmar, Ukraine will complete a plant for the production of the BTR-4 self-propelled artileriya installations.

Last week, the state company Fully announced the signing last year of contracts with 30 countries – the main export partners such as India, Algeria, Myanmar, China, Equatorial Guinea. Major works – modernization of the Soviet aviation, armored vehicles, air defense systems.

“In the structure of exports and positive dynamics of growth of share of new products of Ukrainian enterprises, in particular in the areas of missile systems, armored vehicles, UAV, aerospace technology,” says the company.

The European market in the structure of export of Ukrainian weapons – only a few percent. But Poland in 2016 sold 40 guided air missiles R-27.

Former Deputy Director General of Ukroboronprom Denis gurak who (worked in the years 2014-2018) estimates, Ukrainian exports of weapons in the 1-2 billion dollars a year. About half of the share of private companies.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine has fallen to 12th place on the arms trade in the world. During the year the country dropped one position, behind South Korea. Lead by a large margin the United States. This is evidenced by Dunn Stockholmschool international Institute for peace studies (SIPRI).

It was also reported that the APU is equipped with the basic samples of arms and military equipment by 85%. And that military units in the Donbas – 99%.

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