Judges refuse to consider the lustration proceedings – ex-lyustrator

Судьи отказываются рассматривать люстрационные дела – экс-люстратор

All court cases to stop the decision of the SIC

Lustration captured a very narrow circle of senior officials, said Kozachenko.

The European court of human rights (ECHR) only submitted application dismissed under the lustration of Ukrainian officials, and no production is not taken into consideration. This was announced by the former head of the lustration Department at the Ministry of justice Tetyana Kozachenko, the TV channel ZIK.

“This is a very long process. Lawsuits filed in the ECHR are not directly related to lustration. They are related to the fact that judges of Ukraine refuse to consider lustration cases, they stop all judicial proceedings until the decision of the constitutional court according to the law about the cleansing power”, – she noted.

Kozachenko added that, in fact, already a year and a half people are dismissed according to the lustration cannot consider this matter in court. “And that abuses by the judicial system, which does not fulfill its function – it has double standards. When we are talking exclusively about high-level officials in exceptional cases, the courts provide a separate indulgences. Thanks to these solutions, these officials return to their posts and actually get them into private property,” added the former official.

Kozachenko also asks not to confuse little law about the cleansing power with the Institute of lustration, as understood by the people. “People really like the word “lustration,” because it is associated with some action, maybe even with castration, something will happen, it will be the responsibility. This means that the person is removed from office and not allowed to public service. That’s all… Lustration captured a very narrow circle of senior officials. For example, if a Central authority, it is only the leaders and deputies. And all, and no one else. Take the region – if it is a Prosecutor’s office or the Ministry of interior, is the head and his deputies,” she added.

Recall Kozachenko resigned on 21 November, having been the main individual responsible for Ukraine for two years.