Judicial reform Poroshenko in the Parliament

Судебная реформа Порошенко уже в Раде

MPs this week will consider judicial reform Poroshenko

The presidential draft law was registered the day before.

President Petro Poroshenko submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law on judicial system and status of judges.

As reported on the official website of the Parliament, a draft law No. 4734 was registered the day before.

At the moment the text of the bill on the website Glad is missing.

On the eve of Poroshenko has urged the deputies to vote for a new draft law on judicial system and status of judges and amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine concerning judicial reform.

Poroshenko noted that the failure to vote for the amendments to the Constitution “will long preserve the existing system of judicial system”, because, according to the Constitution, the Parliament can consider changes to the Law not earlier than in a year.

Note, Rada intends to consider the bill on Thursday, June 2nd.

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