Judicial reform will help to ensure strict enforcement of judgments, Arthur Emelyanov

Судебная реформа позволит добиться неукоснительного исполнения судебных решений, -  Артур Емельянов

One of the key aspects of judicial reform is the quality of execution of court decisions. This was stated in an article for “Judicial and legal newspaper” judge of the Supreme economic court of Ukraine Arthur Emelyanov.

“Statistics show that, after receiving a judgment in their favor, the winning party often receives a real outcome, because the decision is not executed. According to the Ministry of justice of Ukraine, until recently, we performed only 20% of court decisions. The Executive service is a huge problem which has become a serious factor of corruption, – said Emelyanov. – Therefore, the reform of the judiciary cannot be considered complete without qualitative changes in the work of the Executive service.”

According to the judge, to ensure that the reform was carried out, should take a number of concrete steps to implement the uniform judicial practice, to increase the responsibility of judges for their decisions, to ensure strict enforcement of judicial decisions, to impose a moratorium on the biased criticism of the courts.