July: If the reason is not injury Guseva, someone Kairat brain

Джулай: Если причина не в травме Гусева, у кого-то Кайрат головного мозга

Dmitry July

Famous Ukrainian commentator Dmitry July has reacted sharply to the defeat of Oleg Gusev in the final application the team

“Gusev. 24 matches in the Premier League, 10 goals. His most productive season in Dinamo. If the reason is not injury, then someone Kairat brain,” the literal translation of tweet July.


Gusyev. 24 match at LP 10 m ACV. Newresultready Yogo season in DC. If the reason is not Traum, kogos Kairat the head mozk.

– Dmytro Dzhulai (@dmytrodzhulai) may 31, 2016

Such a specific review, Dmitry “killed two birds with one stone”. Disagreement with the entering Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, the speaker is now Kazakhstan Kairat, and not clear to the July causes of misses in the application by Oleg Gusev, who had a great season at club level.

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