Jumping. German for the first time in 15 years won in Garmisch

Прыжки с трамплина. Немец впервые за 15 лет победил в Гармише

Marcus Eisenbichler

Marcus Eisenbichler won the qualification for the new year’s competition in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

What do you associate with the 31st of December? With a new year tree and mandarins on the Christmas table? So are holidays for many people, but not athletes and their fans. For example, ski jumper of the last day of the year is held under the applause of the audience at the legendary Olympic ski jump in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Fortunately, one of the gifts the athletes got favorable weather conditions allowed to hold a qualification with the same goal. However, the bright sun and lack of rainfall have collected not so many spectators, but most likely they stayed home to prepare for the holiday.

Marcus Eisenbichler pleased with the few fans and yourself – to the winners of the qualification are paid an extra 2000 euros. Jump on 138 metres, the German won confidently, leaving no chance to their competitors. It is worth noting the stability Eisenbichler – all of today’s jumps (two training and one qualification) Marcus came in the top 3 best. Isn’t it a bid for success? By the way, he became the first German after the legendary Sven Hannawald in 2001, who won in Garmisch.

But first Eisenbichler will have to wait for a serious test. Pole Kamil Stoch suddenly decided to skip the qualification, so in tomorrow’s duel, he falls for the German. Since the shape of Camille Stoha on a large hill remains a mystery, then we will have a fascinating confrontation. Although worry about getting Polish or German in the top 30 is unlikely. The loser in this duel 99% can count on the qualified rank of lucky-loser.

Confirmed their class by the Austrians: on the podium went to yesterday’s winner Stefan Kraft and Manuel Fettner for which is the best score in Garmisch. Three years ago, Fettner was only the 23rd, and today (the Austrian, 31 years) managed to make a great leap, showing the best jump range, but the technique failed experienced Manuel. Still, the German springboard loves the Austrian national team. Not able to show its maximum, the Norwegian Daniel Andre Tanda exacerbated by chronic injuries of the meniscus.

Qualifying results:

1. Marcus Eisenbichler (Germany) 141,8

2. Stefan Kraft (Austria) 139,9

3. Manuel Fettner (Austria) 138,4

4. Domain Prevc (Slovenia) Of 135.8

5. Maciej Kot (Poland) To 135.2

6. Peter Zhila (Poland) 134,8

7. Michael Haibeck (Austria) 134,1

8. Daniel Andre Tanda (Norway) 133,6

9. Stefan Leie (Germany) Amounted To 133, 4

10. Peter Prevc (Slovenia) 131,8

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