Jumping. The bookies chose the Domain

Прыжки с трамплина. Букмекеры выбрали Домена

Domain Prevc

Here we show you the favorites to win the Tour of four jumps, which starts today in Oberstdorf, according to the bookies.

This year the winner of each stage will receive as remuneration 10 thousand francs, and the winner of the whole Tour will be enriched by another 20 thousand. Before a competition I always remember Sven Hannawald is the only athlete who won all four stages in 2002. Last year this achievement was close to Peter Prevc, but stopped short in Oberstdorf. Now it is not in the top 5 to win, but the No. 1 emblazoned his younger brother Domain.

2.50 Domain, Prevc (Slovenia)

Прыжки с трамплина. Букмекеры выбрали Домена

Desperate – so you can call 17-year-old talent from Slovenia. He first came to the New year the leader in the overall world Cup standings. Yellow bib and fearlessness make him a clear favorite Tour. “He jumps like Max Verstappen raced in Formula 1, – said of the Slovene Germany coach Werner Schuster. – He is aggressive and knows no setbacks, he never had a negative experience, and no borders”. The Domain itself is cool as a cucumber, calling the Tour “only four starts, which are close to each other, and all jumps are the same.” At the same time, some experts argue that the amount of attention and expectations will have a negative impact on the young man.

6.0 Kamil Stoch (Poland)

Прыжки с трамплина. Букмекеры выбрали Домена

The poles each year to remember his mustachioed champion Adam małysz, who won the Tour in 2001. Though Camille has long been turned into a block of ski jumping and in some respects even outdid Adam, but victory in these prestigious competitions, he had not enough. I started this season quite well, says Stoch, but you can not fall into euphoria”. He is now in fourth place in the overall standings and has one victory in Lillehammer. And the main rehearsal before the Tour in Engelberg, it was the second.

6.50 Daniel Andre Tanda (Norway)

Прыжки с трамплина. Букмекеры выбрали Домена

Really well composed start to the season for the 22-year-old Norwegian, who with certainty can be called a new No. 1 in the team of Alexander Stokle. Despite the fact that victories for the season he had, but stable performance is allowed to be on the second place in the overall standings. A leap of 144 meters made everyone profitnot in surprise. However, Tanda just not lucky – he fell when landing, otherwise he just took the victory in Engelberg itself. After which it to the ski hasn’t been touched, and went home to celebrate Christmas. “My jumping is now perfect, he says. – If I hold over from improvements, it’ll only make things worse”.

9.00 Michael Haibeck (Austria)

Прыжки с трамплина. Букмекеры выбрали Домена

The main thing for an Austrian to successfully start. Now he is one of the best forms in his career, and the last two years have consistently been in the top 3 on Tour. His victory in Engelberg proved that the Domain Prize competitors more than he thinks. “He still left a children’s joy in every jump,” he described the athlete’s coach Alexander Diess.

9.00 Stefan Kraft (Austria)

Прыжки с трамплина. Букмекеры выбрали Домена

Still fresh in the memory of the victory of 23-year-old Austrian Tour. It happened some two years ago, because Kraft is still dangerous. He did not win the world Cup this season, but in the top 10 consistently do that. “I’ve already won, I have faith in myself. In the end I want to fight for the victory,” not a prude Austrian supergel.

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