Just not Tymoshenko. New scandal with Ukraine

Лишь бы не Тимошенко. Новый скандал с Межигорьем

About Ukraine yet again

Yushchenko explained why the state house was Yanukovych.

This weekend Residenza Mezhyhiria became a symbol of corruption, have again appeared in the information field.

Third President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko Savel that Yulia Tymoshenko, leader of Batkivshchyna, had planned to live in this residence and that area went to Viktor Yanukovych, because he “could not affect it.”

The words of Yushchenko provoked sharp criticism from the side of the Fatherland and Корреспондент.net decided to figure out who was talking about.


Yushchenko has nothing to do with it

In 2007 Yushchenko as President of Ukraine signed a secret decree, which transferred mezhigorye in the use of Viktor Yanukovych, at that time Prime Minister.

According to the former President, he is still with the late nineties believed to be correct transition of all residences with the balance of the government in subordination to the head of state.

In the transfer of Mezhyhirya, Yanukovych urged Yushchenko to blame not him, but the Parliament, which under the leadership of speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn made this decision.

“The Parliament made a decision, I could not influence. Although I was not delighted with him. There is generally Tymoshenko was going to live,” said Yushchenko in an interview with HB.


The Reaction Of The Fatherland

Shortly after the announcement, Yushchenko’s political force on the website there was a statement in which the former President sharply condemned.

“The statement by Yushchenko that he was forced to give Mezhyhirya Yanukovych due to the fact that they had to live Tymoshenko, indicate a serious gap between reality and the fantasy world of the ex-President,” responded the party.

The report notes that “of all delusions” there is only one fact that Yushchenko has signed the decision on transfer of residence.

“Can not help but note the selectivity of memory Yushchenko, who managed to forget two important things – Tymoshenko never vocalsbass any lgeu, and especially office accommodation. And, second, Yushchenko violating laws and morality, despite requests, not steal of the posh presidential gosdachi for four years after completion of their jurisdiction”, – underlined in the message.

In the Fatherland, said that Yushchenko left the country after fleeing “his patron” of Yanukovych.

“We all know about the “close relationship” the two Viktors, which is confirmed in the “black accounting” Party of regions”, – stated in the message.

There’s also remembered “the hospital of the future” for children, which raised money spouse Yushchenko, instead of which was built by a private clinic.

A symbol of corruption

The residence of Mezhyhirya returned to state ownership last spring.

After the flight of Yanukovych to Russia, the mansion has become “public knowledge” – the Internet was flooded with pictures of the residence.

In Mezhyhiria was very much the luxury items collection of expensive alcohol, cars, artwork and even gold baton, which the estate became a symbol of corruption in Ukraine. Soon his plundered.

Last summer, Yanukovych in interview Bi-bi-si has told that all these things did not belong to him, and were part of political technologies.

“As for the residence, you understand that it’s all technology. It is a technology. I performed the duties of the President, I had to have a place to hold any international meetings and so forth,” – said Viktor Yanukovych.

According to Yanukovych, belonged to him only located in the residence building area of 630 square meters, for which he paid from personal funds of just over $ 3 million and which is officially declared.

The former President claims that more in the residence he did not belong, including and discovered there is a zoo with ostriches.

According to Yanukovych, it is simply “supporting these ostriches” who “just lived there”.

Last year was detained the accomplice of Yanukovych in the acquisition of the residence. In addition, the surgeon should, in light of the tens of millions.

October 17, Yanukovych and his son Alexander reported about suspicion in the case of Ukraine.

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