Justice Ministry: Ukraine ready to take all prisoners in the prisons of the Crimea

Минюст: Украина готова забрать всех заключенных, находящихся в тюрьмах Крыма

The Ukrainian side is ready to take all the convicts serving sentences in penal institutions in the territory occupied by the Russian Federation of the Crimea. About this on air of one of Ukrainian television said the first Deputy justice Minister Natalia Sevostyanova, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“For the past 2 years we are negotiating with the Russian side, are trying to take our prisoners. And we were very surprised by the new Ombudsman of the Russian Federation that they are ready to transfer all the prisoners in the Crimea. Unable to declare publicly today that we will do everything we can to get everyone who is in prison there,” said Sevostyanova.

However, first Deputy Minister of justice noted that official documents to Kyiv that Moscow is ready to convey the prisoners of the Crimea is not received, and for the past two years on the contrary the Russian side strongly opposed the transfer.

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“So now we will respond promptly and to require performance of the obligations: just, unilaterally, we are all ready to pick up and provide them with much better conditions than in the Russian Federation”, – said Sevostianova.

Earlier, the Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatyana Moskalkova said that Ukraine allegedly does not take away their convicts, who are in Crimea, and Kiev has offered to take detainees from the occupied Peninsula.

Later, the head of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko said that from the occupied Crimea took all the Ukrainian prisoners who expressed such a desire.