Kalinovka is a single detonation of ammunition

В Калиновке идет единичная детонация боеприпасов

Pyrotechnics work in Kalinovka

Pyrotechnics examined nearly 20 thousand hectares.

As of Thursday morning, October 5, at the territory of military warehouses in Kalynivka in Vinnytsia region heat sources there, but there is a single detonation of ammunition, according to the SSES.

“As of 7.00 a.m. on 5 October open fires burning there was observed a single detonation of ammunition. For the elimination of consequences of emergency situations attracted eight fire tanks, four engineering machinery obstacle clearing MO of Ukraine”, – stated in the summary of the SSES.

Also noted that the pyrotechnics are cleaning the area from explosive objects in 5 km area around the Arsenal. Examined for the presence of explosive devices 19,255 thousand hectares. Already discovered and seized 102 1 thousand explosive objects.

Since the beginning of execution of work received and completed 369 of requests from the public to identify explosive objects.

For liquidation of emergency situations attracted more than a thousand and almost 300 pieces of equipment.

Remains closed air traffic in a radius of 5 km from Kalinovka.

As reported Корреспондент.netthe experts found the site of the first explosions in Kalinovka. They occurred inside the vault with the “Tulips” and in a sealed bunker with “Hurricanes”.

Also, the media reported that the explosions in the village were destroyed more weapons than the Ukrainian army have spent three years in the Donbass.

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