Karikari is the best player of the UPL Matchday 22

Карикари - лучший игрок 22 тура УПЛ

Kwame Karikari

Ghanaian striker Kamenskaya Became Kwame Karikari was unanimously recognized as the best player of the last round of the championship of Ukraine on football.

Win Gantz was expected, because the match Began and Alexandria (4:1) Kwame scored a hat-trick.

It should be noted that voting for the best player of the tour was conducted by a joint effort of the Ukrainian Premier League and TM Parimatch. The expert group took castin in the survey included prominent football officials and former national players are: Oleg venglinsky, Sergey nagorniak, Victor Grachev, Alexander Denisov, Vadym Misyura, Gennadiy Orbu, Jozsef Szabo, Alexander Sopko, Igor Tsiganyk, Dmitry Perevoznyk and Igor Shukhovtsev.

It is noteworthy that in Karikari voted all respondents.

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