Karpyuk said about torture: electrocuted and deprived of sleep

Карпюк рассказал о пытках: били током и не давали спать

Karpyuk told about the torture of political prisoners in Vladikavkaz

Nikolai Karpyuk said in a Russian prison, his tortured with electric shocks, deprived of sleep and used psychotropics, as well as from torture he lost consciousness.

Released political prisoner Nikolai Karpyuk said about torture, used by the jailers against the Ukrainian political prisoners in the detention center No. 1 of Vladikavkaz in Russia. He said this in broadcast of the ATR, reports UKRINFORM on Tuesday, September 10.

“As soon as it gets dark, withdrawn to the corridor, handcuffs, hands behind back, wearing on his head a plastic bag, tape to rewind the wool to the bottom didn’t see anything, and output. 10-15 minutes we’re going to make some room up on 4th floor of terminal by the toe of the right foot terminal to the finger of the right hand or to other parts of the body, and begins to go with the flow through the body. Different periods, jerks, for a certain time. Unpleasant a feeling. And that’s what I was doing. Then there, in the detention center, the interrogation room is a cage metal meter on, there’s a chair. And night, during the day do not give up. Just starting to close my eyes, they are every two hours changing these here cops, and immediately “do Not sleep! Don’t sleep!” – do not give to sleep,” he said.

Karpyuk also said in the detention center tortured Stanislaw Cliche.

“I was lucky, they treated me a little differently. And what happened with Stanislav Klikom, then brought in the cage were planted, wound up in a cell, tied in the back of the bracelet to the bed, put on his knees all night deprived of sleep, shouted “On your knees!”, “Get down!”, “Don’t move!” – remember Karpyuk.

Freed Ukrainian said that after four nights of torture he lost consciousness.

“Four nights were torture, on the fifth night of torture was not, but on this night, due to the fact that I did not sleep, did not sleep, I just lost consciousness and went into a state of delirium. And then I woke up already in the chamber, on the sixth day I was transferred to the chamber,” said Karpuk.

Ukrainian noted that besides torture, the prison guards in Russia also used psychotropic substances.

“That was torture is one thing. In addition, they used psychotropic drugs”, – he said.

Recall, September 7, Ukraine and Russia had an exchange of detained persons by the formula “35 on 35”.

Theophany after the assessment released said that among seriously ill patients who returned from Russian imprisonment of Ukrainians there. Stanislav Klyh in need of specialized medical care and he was transferred to a military hospital.

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