Kaskiv explained his trip to Panama

Каськив объяснил свою поездку в Панаму

Kaskiv told about his trip to Panama

The former head of the national Agency for the investments of the claims that went there for the implementation of investment projects.

The former head of the national Agency on investments Vladislav Kaskiv, who was recently detained by law enforcement authorities of Panama, claims that went to the region for implementation of investment projects. He told about it in interview to the Ukrainian truth.

“We arrived three weeks ago. I analyzed investment projects and export of products from Ukraine in a number of countries in the region. Combined business and private trip with his family. The planning was to return to Europe in late August. Since September I had planned a pretty tight schedule associated with the business,” he said.

Kaskiv also noted that it is still headed by the Austrian investment company Ozario Holdings GmbH.

“I began to develop this company from February 2015. Have the intention to realize business ideas are born while working in the Committee for economic reforms and the Agency. The scope of the company – investment and consulting. The initial priorities of investment in Ukraine”, – he said.

Recall, 18 August, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko reported about the detention Kaskiv in Panama for embezzlement and other business crimes. The GPU then noted that Kaskiv tried to flee to Costa Rica.

Then the Prosecutor General’s office forwarded the Ministry of foreign Affairs to be sent to Panama, a request for extradition Kaskiv. However, it appeared that this may be a problem because Kaskiv can end up in a Panamanian prison.

Kaskiv is suspected of involvement in the embezzlement of two billion