KASKO told the details of the Affairs of the “brilliant attorney”

Касько рассказал детали дел "бриллиантового прокурора"

The trial of the “diamond prosecutors” will continue on may 10

KASKO also spoke about the case on the payment of tuition fees of the daughter of one of the “brilliant Prosecutor.”

The Prosecutor’s office is delaying the investigation of several cases involving “brilliant Prosecutor” Alexander Cornice. This was stated by former Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy KASKO on your Facebook page. “The next hearing in the case of “diamond prosecutors” will take place before may 10. However, I feel a moral duty and between meetings to keep corrupt officials from the GPU in tone,” wrote KASKO.

He also told the details of the so-called “junk” business. “We are talking about criminal proceedings on suspicion of the former Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv region Oleksandr Cornice – the man who was personal “clerk” . – extortion (up to 80 thousand UAH. monthly) with the owner of the garbage business company “Nicolson”. There is evidence that in the future, korniets involved in the “extraction” of this business,” said KASKO.

According to him, the matter were arbitrarily closed at the direction “of someone from the management “of the GPU, and Shokin now for obvious reasons refused to cancel the decision on closing”. “But we have moved it from the spot. Suspicion Cornice was announced in February 2016, after which I took all the powers to manage the consequence of Geninspection” – said KASKO.

The case was to go to court within a maximum of two weeks. “It’s been more than two months. Why it hides the current leadership of the GPU and on whose orders – a rhetorical question”, – he noted.

By “diamond” case KASKO said that we are talking about the origin of diamonds Prosecutor Cornice. “The diamonds led us to another crime – the abduction investigators and prosecutors of evidence from other criminal proceedings. The jewels were in specific packaging, with marks of the enterprise, from which they withdrew during the search several years ago,” he said.

“Maybe the investigation was stopped because the evidence disappeared from under the nose of the Podolsk police when the Prosecutor’s office of Podil district of Kyiv was headed by the current acting Prosecutor General Sevruk. Again, an unfortunate combination of circumstances? I think not,” wrote ex-zamprokurora it.

The charge disrupted the court in the case of “diamond prosecutors”

KASKO also spoke about the case on the payment of tuition fees of the daughter of Cornice – Anastasia. “We have initiated criminal proceedings concerning the illegal enrichment “brilliant Prosecutor.” During the investigation it was discovered that over £ 140.000 ($ 200.000) – Anastasia cornies in London from 2011-2014 – paid offshore company. The nominal Director was Eric Vangelis (known in Ukraine by the Scam with the “Boyko towers”). Why the Prosecutor’s office is silent? Why no further inquiries abroad is not directed? “said Hull.

“It is obvious that these industries also want to keep the brakes on. The present management of GPU does not want to be about “prosecutorial offshore” learned society, because among the defendants may be other familiar names,” concluded KASKO.

As reported Корреспондент.net, Goloseevskiy district court of Kyiv has announced a break until 10 may in the case of “diamond of prosecutors”.

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