Kaspersky lab downloaded secret documents of U.S. intelligence

Лаборатория Касперского скачала секретные материалы спецслужб США

The NSA used the hackers for their own purposes, told in Kaspersky Lab

Antivirus revealed the fact that the use of NSA hackers for their own purposes.

Russian company Kaspersky Lab downloaded files containing classified information of relevance to the Agency of national security of the United States. It is reported jellyfish referring to the comment of the founder of the Russian company Eugene Kaspersky.

According to him, in 2014, analysts said about downloading the data about the Equation Group hackers that were listed in secret documents of the us Homeland security. Later, Kaspersky Lab claimed that the NSA used the hackers for their own purposes.

The founder of the company said that the file was in the standard loading procedure of the studied viruses from users ‘ computers. They are, according to Kaspersky, were then immediately removed. How employees understood that these data are confidential, not specified.

Earlier, the US said that the antivirus software Kaspersky Lab is used around the world to search for government documents United States with top-secret information.