Kaspersky was used for spying – media

ПО Лаборатории Касперского использовалось для шпионажа – СМИ

Antivirus searched the computers of users classified material, according to the WSJ

The anti-virus searched folder with Top Secret terms.

Antivirus software Kaspersky Lab is used around the world to search for government documents United States with top-secret information. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources.

The publication claims that anti-virus software has made modifications which allow you to search on users ‘ computers, secret files, and use found information as a tool of espionage.

“Antivirus programs scan the system and computers with viruses looking for terms such as “supersecret” that could be written on classified government documents, as well as the secret code names of government programs, the United States,” – writes the edition.

The newspaper notes that the number of computers that have accessed the program are not yet known. It is also unclear whether there was thus stolen any secret documents.

In turn, Kaspersky deny participation to such manipulation and are ready to cooperate with US authorities on this issue.

As reported, the Russian hackers managed in 2015 steal secret information from the us national security Agency (NSA).