Kaspersky will take the data users in Switzerland

Касперский перенесет данные пользователей в Швейцарию

Center user data, Kaspersky Lab will be open until the end of 2019 in Zurich

In Switzerland will be stored and processed user data software Kaspersky from Europe and five other regions of the world.

Kaspersky lab will take place in Switzerland storage and processing of data from Europe and five other regions of the world. About it reported in a press release published on the website of the Russian antivirus company on Tuesday, March 15.

The report notes that this decision was made in the framework of the global initiative information openness (Global Transparency Initiative), which “Kaspersky Lab” launched in October of 2017 after allegations of cyber espionage by American and British authorities.

As follows from the press release, the center of processing user data of Kaspersky Lab will be open until the end of 2019 in Zurich. It will store and process information which the company obtains with the consent of their users from Europe, North America, Singapore, Australia, Japan and South Korea. Subsequently, there will be stored data from customers and from other countries. Storage and data processing will be carried out under the supervision of a third-party independent organization.

Before the end of this year Kaspersky Lab is planning to move to Switzerland systems to build their anti-virus products and updates from the source code developed in R&D centers in different countries. Software and the integrity of the source code will be tested by independent experts. This measure will provide additional verification of the finished product, according to a press release.

Experts will, in particular, to carry out “verification of the reliability of the software and its source code, and to ensure the absence of any external interference and undocumented functions in technology companies”, – explained in the document. These measures will also ensure the impossibility of a compromise of processes for the Assembly of programs, and custom data.

Earlier it became known that the government of the Netherlands decided to abandon the use of the software Kaspersky Lab.

Source: Russian service of DW


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