KCSA: More than 50 thousand Metropolitan families will receive recalculation for heating

КГГА: Более 50 тыс. столичных семей получат перерасчет за отопление

Deputy head of the KSCA Peter Panteleev

Over 50 thousand Metropolitan families will receive the allocation for heating, only from January 23 until today Housing and communal inspection in Kyiv received 301 complaints. As a result, before “Kyivenergo” raised the question of the allocation was announced by Deputy head of the city administration Petr Panteleyev, reports the press service of the KSCA.

“We found charging illegal in homes with counters: performance counters, or not removed, or late were dropped. Identified atypical problems, such as incorrect operation of the meter, errors in the production of project documentation for the installation of a house meter. Our inspectors have fixed a problem with the counters and other elements of heat substations, for example, a disabled differential pressure controllers, which in turn leads to a waste of coolant,” – said Panteleyev.

The official also called problems that caused incorrect charges, the mismatch of squares when the heated area is lower than actual, which is charged with heat. This is due to the additions, rearrangements and illegal increase in heated areas.

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“Also, the reason of such charges be room counters, when some tenants do not serve the consumption volumes. As a result, the heat consumed them, there were other residents that do not have residential metering. Because the heatsupplier in the presence of a metering device shall be charged according to his testimony,” – said Deputy KSCA.

Panteleev drew attention to the order of the Metropolitan authority of the heatsupplying organizations about sharing with the residents the removal of heat meter readings. “Already, more than 4 thousand people of Kiev sent applications for a joint deposition. That is, over the last month the number of people willing to test the transparency of charges has increased by a thousand,” – said in the KSCA.

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As earlier reported, Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko, called the government and the regulator to reconsider their decisions regarding the rising cost of gas and tariffs for heating and hot water.

Klitschko noted that announced by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the increase in the cost of gas in half for businesses, providing Kiev with thermal energy (PJSC “Kyivenergo” Darnytskyi CHP), will cause sharp growth of tariffs for heating and hot water.

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