Keeper of the Dawn: In the second match with the club we have 90 minutes

Вратарь Зари: В ответной встрече с Днепром у нас есть 90 минут

Nikita Shevchenko

Dawn of the goalkeeper Mykyta Shevchenko commented on his team’s defeat in the first semi-final match of the Cup of Ukraine, and also shared ojaniemi from the second game

The goalkeeper of Luhansk Zorya Mykyta Shevchenko told about the first Cup match versus Dnipro (0:1), in which the Luhansk team lost dramatically, but the goalkeeper had one of the best matches of the season.

“What did Dawn in the match against Dnipro? Don’t even know, to be honest. Like and had chances and played well. I think had we scored the penalty the game would have developed differently. But in General it is hard to say.

In the second match we have 90 minutes (and depending on what happens on the field and all 120) to change the situation. Naturally there account? Look in Zaporozhye.

What happened in the episode with the goal Zozulya? Honestly, didn’t see what exactly happened in the fight Zozulya as he was focused on the kick. Initially, I played well and made a mistake in this weather. Chygrynskiy looked at, thought he would break through, and the Cuckoo just didn’t see. Wanted as better, and it turned out as always. Then on the replay saw that it was a violation of the Tchaikovsky.

Once our series with the club, like any other, had to be stopped. Maybe some kind of woman, who beat the tambourine at our games with Dnipro, have ceased to do so. Here and lost“, 0 said Shevchenko.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Dnipro defeated Dawn in a tight match.

Note that the return match of 1/2 final Cup of Ukraine Zorya – Dnipro will take place on Wednesday, may 11 in Kiev.

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