Kernel turned to the leaders of our country because of the searches

Кернел обратился к высшему руководству страны из-за обысков

In the Central office of the Kernel in Kiev on 12 may, the SBU raided

The company believes that the case in which a search was conducted, was initiated on distorted facts.

The Board of Directors of the agricultural holding kernel appealed to the Supreme leadership of the country in connection with the may 12 searches the staff of SBU at the Central office of the company. The corresponding open letter of the Board of Directors announced the press service of the company on Friday, may 13.

“In this difficult time for Ukraine I appeal to You and consider it necessary to convey the following information. 12 may 2016… 350 employees of our company have been locked in the room from 13.00 to 19.00. Not assessing the format of a search, I want to note that all 15 of the seized documents, the company was ready to give voluntarily for 10 minutes. About it repeatedly was informed by the staff who conducted the search… Believe that the representatives of the SBU could spend those 6 hours more effectively on the backdrop when the country is mired in corruption and is in a state of high terrorist threat”, – stated in the message, informs RBC-Ukraine.

At the moment the Central office of the “kernel” and all the structural subdivisions of the company work as usual.

The Board of Directors of the company are confident in its legal position and promised to prove it in court. In the opinion of management, the criminal case in which a search was conducted, was initiated on distorted facts and has no prospects.

“We have repeatedly proved their case with numerous the change of power and endless rotations in law enforcement. This situation is no exception. We demand verification of the legality of the actions of the SBU against the kernel, punishment or public estimates,” reads the letter.

For its part the company promised to do everything to make this situation had negative consequences for the company’s shareholders and ordinary employees.

“We are ready to assist any of Your efforts to establish transparent, responsible and mutually beneficial relations between business and government. As a public company we are always ready to support You in this matter and work to strengthen the international economic reputation of Ukraine”, – concluded the authors.

As reported the, may 12, the last office inside the kernel, the representatives of the SBU said that investigations are conducted on the basis of the judgment, without specifying details.