Kerry explained why the United States blocked the UN security Council anti-Israel resolution

Керри объяснил, почему США не заблокировали в Совбезе ООН антиизраильскую резолюцию

When voting in the UN Security Council, the United States, refraining from blocking a resolution condemning the construction of Israeli settlements, meant the ability to save the peace dialogue in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Explained the decision of the American delegation in a separate statement, US Secretary of state John Kerry, reports UKRINFORM.

“Today, the United States acted with one main goal: to preserve the possibility of a two-state solution, which every US administration for decades believed the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians,” – said the head of American diplomacy.

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He stressed that mutual understanding is “the only way to ensure Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state living in peace and security with its neighbours, freedom and dignity for the Palestinian people.” This is the future is now under threat, given the ongoing terrorism, violence and incitement. Unprecedented steps to expand the settlements was initiated by the sworn enemies of the two-state solution, Kerry said.

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Although the United States does not agree with all aspects of the resolution, “she rightly condemns violence, incitement and expansion of settlements, and encourages both parties to take constructive steps to stop the current trend and to promote the prospects of a two-state solution.”

The document does not impose any decision the parties to the conflict, at the same time it preserves the ability of parties to negotiate a ceasefire, said U.S. Secretary of state.

Previously, trump has reacted to the resolution in the UN security Council a message that after his inauguration on January 20, “it’s all there will be different”.