KF “Kviten” the high – tech and safe production

КФ "Квитень" - высокотехнологичное  и безопасное производство

Experts have KF “Kviten” in some of the most high-tech and safe production of the confectionery industry

In the high-tech and globalized world, issues of food safety has received increasing attention. And this trend will intensify. How does the quality control we have, the achievements and problems in the field of news Agency “Dnieper” said the Director of the testing laboratory of LLC “Dnepropress” Lyudmila Karmazin.

КФ "Квитень" - высокотехнологичное  и безопасное производство



Lyudmila Vladimirovna, how safe is what we eat and how is the food?

Lyudmila Karmazin: Safe what controlled. Modern control system for food safety is built on end-to-end monitoring of the entire production chain: from raw materials to the counter. This is the aim of many international standards including HACCP (eng. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) — hazard analysis and critical control point) concept for the systematic identification, assessment and control hazards affecting the safety of the products. Later on the concept of HACCP was developed several standards which apply in individual countries and regions or in the individual links of the food chain. In Ukraine from July 1, 2003 operates the national standard DSTU 4161-2003 “system of food safety management. Requirements”, August 1, 2007 came into force the national standard DSTU ISO 22000:2007 (identical to the international standard ISO 22000:2005). Today is a complex, multilevel process of adaptation of national legislation, standards, regulations etc. to international standards, in particular the European Union.

Our laboratory is an important element of this system, we are accredited by the National accreditation Agency of Ukraine for compliance with requirements of international standard DSTU ISO/EC 17025:2006.

How to work the lab?

Lyudmila Karmazin: We have been working for four years, has a staff of 19 employees. Laboratory tests of food samples for a number of physico-chemical quality parameters (moisture, fat, acidity, sugar, mineral admixture, component parts, etc.), and safety indicators, in particular, the content of nitrates, preservatives, etc. All in the field of accreditation of laboratories, there are 650 test methods of products and we continue to introduce new methods. The average monthly testing 400 samples of products from different manufacturers. Thus, if we consider that each sample involves the inspection of a full range – up to 10 physical-chemical indicators, the total number of studies is 4 to 5 thousand.

…the process is impressive, and the result?

Lyudmila Karmazin: Judge for yourself – if at the beginning of our activities in 2013, the lab has identified various compliance standards approximately 40% of the studies in this year revealed the marriage does not exceed 10%. Continuous, objective and immediate control, of course, tightens the discipline of the producers.

The main goal of our laboratory is conducting the tests at a high professional level and we guarantee 100% reliability of the results to our partners.

КФ "Квитень" - высокотехнологичное  и безопасное производство



Which of the food groups tested in the lab?

The scope of laboratory accreditation includes all of the food groups. This industry is a very dynamically developing segment of the economy that can be a good track for the confectionery industry. In particular, the ordering of one of the chains we study products of the confectionery factory “Kviten”. We are talking about approximately 40 samples per month. Not working directly with the manufacturer because the customer is the retailer, we, as an independent laboratory, have the possibility of conducting an objective assessment. And I have to say that where responsible for the strict observance of technology of production, storage and transportation of finished products, where has implemented a HACCP system, there will always be a positive result for all indicators of quality and safety of products. And an example of the specified confectionery factory confirms this. Because of the quality and safety of products is the demand of the buyers.

In this regard, what advice can You give to domestic producers?

It should be noted that the consumers changing tastes and preferences, because life does not stand still. Therefore, the manufacturer must constantly monitor, improve formulations and technologies, to upgrade their products. And this trend we, as employees of the laboratory observe in several Ukrainian companies (take the “Kviten”). And we, as professionals in the field of quality, always nice to know that every time, domestic products are getting better, better and better.