Khacheridi: I do Not understand why Khatskevich it makes

Хачериди: Не пойму, зачем Хацкевич это делает

Yevhen Khacheridi

The Dynamo Kiev defender has hinted at a departure from the team.

The Dynamo Kyiv defender Yevhen Khacheridi has confirmed the information on dismissal from training with the first team and stated that he had not refused to come on as a substitute in the match against Lazio.

Discuss all the information that was voiced Khatskevich that you refused to come on as a substitute in the match with Lazio. Why did this happen?

I gave Dynamo their all and devoted almost his entire career. If you need to be a Dynamo at the gate, believe me, I’ll be there, if it will help my club. No I did not offer to come out to play as a left Central defender in the match against Lazio.

When I heard this statement of the head coach that I refused to leave this position, I was humanly very offensive and unpleasant. I don’t understand why Alexander Khatskevich it makes.

How did you react to the decision that you out bid on the match with Vorskla will continue to train on the individual program?

– Yes, I was out bid on this game and some previous. The coach’s decision and I can not influence. But I remain professional, as required by my contract. I’ll wait for your next chance to help the club. At the moment I train individually.

– Is there any chance that you extend your contract with Dynamo?

– At the moment I’m a player of Dynamo Kiev and, at least, he will be before the summer. I want to tell you one thing: one of the most dedicated fans of Dynamo Kyiv on the one hand, and with another – the professional of his craft, his family and his career.

Very often in professional life there comes a time when you need to make crucial decisions regarding their career and future life. Often do not understand the people, the fans and the management. But this is my life, and all accepted my decision the answer will be only me and no one else.

– There are reports that this delay in the payment of salaries for 7 months. Is this true?

– No comment, – said Khacheridi in the comments

Earlier it was reported that Khacheridi can continue his career in Russia.

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