Kharkov border guards detained a Syrian, to which two local boys helped to illegally cross the border

Харьковские пограничники задержали сирийца, которому двое местных юношей помогали незаконно пересечь границу

Syrian trying to cross the border in Kharkiv region 29.10.16

In the Kharkov area frontier guards together with police officers detained the citizen of Syria and two nationals of Ukraine, who tried to illegally cross the border. About it reports a press-service gpsu.

The detainees were sent from Russia in the direction of the Ukrainian settlement Borisovka.

“One of the offenders realizing that they were exposed, tried to escape, but was identified by guards. The other two were detained, and soon in the course of conducting investigative actions, the fugitive was also arrested”, – stated in the message.

It turned out that two teenage boys 13 and 18 years of age, residents of Borisovka village, Kharkiv region, tried to illegally smuggled across the border a foreigner. According to the violator, it became known that he was a citizen of Syria.

Now concerning the detainee of a foreigner is carried out to establish his identity and the circumstances of the illegal journey. The National police sent a message about the signs of criminal offence responsibility for which is envisaged in article 332 UK of Ukraine “Illegal transportation of persons through the state border”.

With the juvenile offender and his parents by the border guards led preventive discussion, and go home.

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Earlier it was reported that in the West of Ukraine border guards stopped 12 illegal migrants, among them were children. Some of them were documents of citizens of Turkey, others – Armenia.