Khatskevich: any team can play and get a result

Хацкевич: С любой командой можно играть и добиваться результата

Alexander Khatskevich

Mentor Dynamo criticized the judging at the end of the match against Shakhtar.

Head coach of “Dynamo” Kyiv Oleksandr Khatskevich told, due to which managed to beat Shakhtar.

“I played disciplined, organized, can be, in the first half was more of the transition from defence to attack. The game is without the ball it was at a high level. Analyzed the last game. It turns out that any team can play and get a result, if you play organized, disciplined.

Not allowed to run up the opponent when the attack was interrupted. Disciplined and liberos, and the reference poluzaschitnikom, were not allowed to move quickly to attack the players of Shakhtar.

In conclusion, in the future I would like to draw attention to the refereeing in the last 15 minutes. The referee judged the great 75 minutes. Then he began to commit fouls unclear when a football player is clinging to the ball, the arm… the Level of refereeing was good enough for 75 minutes. However, I was very not satisfied with the refereeing in the last 15 minutes,” said Khatskevich.

Dynamo Kiev celebrated their victory over Shakhtar in the match of the second round of the championship of Ukraine won the Kharkiv Shakhtar thanks to a goal Mbokani. See also the overview of the match Shakhtar – Dynamo, and also read the reaction of the social networks.

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