Khatskevich criticized Koval after draws against Karpaty

Хацкевич раскритиковал Коваля после ничьи с Карпатами

Alexander Khatskevich

Alexander Khatskevich are dissatisfied with the result, nor the quality of the game Dynamo.

The head coach of Dynamo Kiev Alexander Khatskevich has commented on the match against Karpaty, in which Kiev has missed a victory, having drawn 1:1.

“It was a difficult fighting game. Moments almost was not in front of goal, nor our. On this field were primitive football that failed in the first place, our team. We were in some no man’s syndrome. No creativity is found.

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Hard to win when the opposing team is protected by a large force. Trying to use the flanks to deliver the ball into the penalty area, to carry out a hidden transfer, play a wall. Clearly, in such a field, it was difficult to do. We are absolutely not satisfied with the quality of the game as well.

Of course, we parse the action. For this component we paid attention and showed it on the installation. But in this situation not finalized Maxym Koval.

When you score from 35 meters, the goalkeeper has to do with it. Those two dangerous moments at our gate have scored a quick goal, and with the outputs in the second half, Smith came to the rescue. But they are forgotten. Believe in the moment conceded a goal, if not completely the fault of the goalkeeper, the proportion definitely is. This moment will sort our goalkeeping coach Mikhail Mikhailov.

Let Maxim is responsible for his performance, and does not Express the claim to the arbitrator. We pay much attention on the referees. I told the guys that we have, first of all, his game to prove that we are stronger,” said Khatskevich.

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