Khatskevich: Graph from Dinamo is very hard, and to carry out a serious rotation does not work

Хацкевич: График у Динамо очень жесткий, а проводить серьезную ротацию не получается

Alexander Khatskevich believes that Jablonec and Slavia can not be compared.

The head coach of Dynamo Kiev, ahead of a meeting with Jablonec in the Europa League spoke about the busy schedule Kiev.

“We have no other choice, but to act in two days on the third is not so simple. Physical strength to recover easier, but to establish emotional background — that is another question. However, this is now of the same order. Three wins in a row helped to get you guys in the right tone.

Some of the players, given performances for the national team, has played for the past month, seven or eight games. The schedule is very tough, and to carry out a serious rotation especially not. The main burden falls on the shoulders of, in fact, dozens of performers. Hard, but victory always give strength.

Jablonec have already studied, information have enough. The Czech team shows power football. Discipline there at a good level. The Czechs have a few individually strong performers, but the emphasis is on collective action.

Compare them with Slavia? I think it makes no sense. In Prague more tall players, although in Jablonec also put on a power forward and upper casts. Stands a Central midfielder Michal Travnik, who leads the team, gives the final pass, deals the final blow. This season he has four goals and five assists”, – quotes Khatskevich Team 1.

Earlier Khatskevich told why Dynamo is not in the summer bought striker.

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