Khatskevich: I can’t explain the actions of Pilarica during the second goal

Dinamo head coach believes that it is necessary to have patience.

After a draw against the Czech Republic, Jablonec coach “white-blue” Alexander Khatskevich in the postgame press conference noted that the missed goals the result of individual errors, while the rival issues were not, by and large.

“After our heads, the opponent started exits via the long ball. We’ve lost the selection. It was not counterplay. Moments with the outs to attack us not too successful, but the ones we had, we had to finish.

But our goal is also issues were not, by and large. Missed goals – individual errors from our players. During the second missed I can’t explain the actions of Pilarica. So to be circumcised, when there was Shepelev, Tsygankov! This is an individual decision of the player …

Not only in the break, I was in the first half, asked Harmash, Serhiy and buialskyi to contain the opposition in midfield. Garmash, the same, very much circumcised, he is an experienced player. Denis has not played 3 days ago, it is fresh, but there were moments when he cut us one touch.

Replacement Buyalsky? In the break Vitali had the feeling that the front muscle swelled. We had to refurbish this area and Vladimir Shepelev, I believe, not bad in the game. I hope this is not an injury which will prevent him to play even in next game.

In our group everything is just beginning. The whole struggle ahead. It is possible that the following two match against Rennes will be decisive. Only through game in the Europa League, we will be able to understand whether we are ready to move on. I personally think that the Europa League team is ready.

Before winter, we will not gain. It is necessary to dispense those resources that are available. And wait until our young guys will start to add up,” said Khatskevich.

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